B-17E Bomber Rescued from Papua New Guinea Swamp, Now On Display in Hawaii

The bomber is now the only B-17E bomber to be still operational. Showing signs of action, the plane has found to be dented, with around 120 bullet holes in its surface.

When the original crew was reunited with American troops, the members were immediately assigned to another aircraft and were flying again within a week, The Huffington Post reports.

The bomber is now on prominent display at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Swamp Ghost in Hawaii 2014Swamp Ghost in Hawaii 2014

Swamp Ghost restoration at the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.Swamp Ghost restoration at the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.

Bullet holes in the wingsBullet holes in the wing surface


13857112874_bc5b435ab2_kNice shot of the rear of the Swamp Ghost

8745577018_8872aff368_kInside the Swamp Ghost

16512144229_30b07f154d_kClose up


All images: Pacific Aviation Museum / Flickr