League of German Girls, the Nazi Organisation To Teach Girls Their Duties As Bearers Of Aryan Heirs (Pictures)

Worms, Aufmarsch der Deutschen JungmädelBDM Girls march in a parade in Worms, 1933.

Bundesarchiv_Bild_152-11-30,_KZ_Dachau,_Besuch_von_BDM-FührerinnenOne of the more sinister pictures, BDM girls visit Dachau Concentration camp in 1936

Berlin, Olympiastadion, HJ-KundgebungBDM Girls and Hitler Youth in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin celebrate Labourday – May 1st 1937

Worms, Hitlerjugend, Appell zur MaifeierOn the same day in Worms, different Hitler Youth and BDM girls present the Hitler salute.

China, Tientsin, HJ und BDM Vereidigung

Bundesarchiv_Bild_137-049191,_Wusih,_OstereiersuchenBDM and Hitleryouth on a visit to Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. The German Caption says they are on a Easter egg hunt at the second picture.

Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-2005-0502-502,_Münchener_Abkommen,_Abreise_MussolinisThe BDM was also used in more formal settings, here a BDM girl presents flowers to the Italian Dictator Mussolini on the railway station in Munich. Also visible are Goring (right) and Hitler (right center) . 30 September 1938.

BDM in der LandwirtschaftSeptember 1939, the war has started so many men are at the front. The BDM is called upon to help work the land and replace the men.

Verleihung des Ehrenkreuzes der deutschen MutterIn 1943 when Hitler was fighting his “total war” more men were needed thus it was necessary for the German mothers to have as many children as possible. Here a mother is presented the “Ehrenkreuz der deutschen Mutter”. The cross of honor for German Mothers was presented in Bronze for having 4 children,  Silver for 6 children and Gold for 8 children. May 15th 1943.

800px-Mutterkreuz1940 German_Mothers_CrossA signed certificate and a closeup of the “Cross of Honor for German Mothers”.

Familie mit 12 KindernA large family as the Nazi party loved to see it, a Nazi official, the mother wearing the Mother Cross and their 12 kids. 5 of them in the German Army (wehrmacht) and 1 in the Reichs-Arbeidsdienst, the German Workers force. The oldest girl is a member of the BDM.

 All pictures courtesy of Wikipedia Commons & Bundesarchiv