Watch Aircraft Carrier USS Kitty Hawk Battle Freak Waves During Massive Storm


Ever since the Aircraft Carrier has replaced the battleships as the queens of the sea, they have defined what modern sea power is all about. However every now and then mother nature shows what she is capable off, throwing waves over the flight deck.

The dimensions of this supercarrier are mind boggling to begin with; 1068 feet long, 257 feet wide and displacing over 97 thousand long tons. It stands just over 244 feet from the keel to the mast which is about the height of a 24-story building. The anchors alone weigh 66,140 lb!

The ship can reach speeds of over 30 knots and is powered by two Westinghouse geared steam turbines, eight Foster Wheeler steam boilers that turn 4 five-bladed screws of 66,220 pounds each.

Between 5,500 and 6,200 crew members are required to operate it which require all the facilities of a floating city.

In this video the USS Kitty Hawk is plowing through heavy seas with waves so massive, they even go across the flight deck and hit the bridge. At the flight deck a black hawk helicopter and an F-18 Hornet have been left, securely chained down.

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